A quirky little find

First proper post on this blog and I am sooooo excited woooooooooooo! I have for you today, Quaint and Quirky, a splendid tea room located in Stockton, North East England.

Ready to try out Quaint and Quirky!

This adorable little café is fab if you want to relax in a vintage environment with lovely staff and delicious food/drinks.

So here is quirky little find...

Quaint and Quirky is definitely vintagey, cute and lovely!
With the funky wallpapers (they have suitcases, books, London street signs paper), wall art everywhere, the mismatched chairs and tables and all of the old bits n bobs around the place, it lives up to its name for sure!


Look at all the cute bits n bobs!

Loving all the different table and chairs!

London Street Signs wallpaper- perfect for me!

I wanted all of these wall art and bunting- don't you just love bunting!

I am in love with this pretty, delicate teapot

Oh and this cute house jar!

Moving onto the staff and well, all of them are so welcoming and lovely here. They don't rush you in making a decision with what you would like, they don't disturb you whilst you are eating asking if everything is ok (I hate it when they do this whilst you are in the middle of eating) and they are so friendly.  

 Ok so I had a chocolate milkshake (I love chocolate milkshakes) and it was delicious! Toffee sauce, chocolate milk/ice cream and cream, I mean what's not to love?!
To go with this cool drink and mother's traditional cuppa, we went for the two remaining cakes on offer.
A tangy yet refreshingly tasty lemon tart and a rich, smooth chocolate cake.
They do a range of foods, from breakfasts, sandwiches, fish n chips to many, many more!
 Such a lovely treat to end the day off!

Quaint and Quirky definitely lives up to it names. I mean I practically wanted every little antique treasure and wall art and tables and chairs in there!
It is perfect if you are shopping with friends, family and want to get a bit to eat or just want to go somewhere with a chilled environment with delicious tasty food.
Well there you go, first post up and there is more where that came from!
Until next time


All photographs are my own


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